Mike Volpi commands a solid understanding of the essential details of Internet and networking operations. A venture capital professional drawing from years of experience in the Internet industry, Mike Volpi now works for Index Ventures’ communications, Internet, and media sectors. Having acquired his knowledge of the industry at major computer corporations such as Cisco Systems, Inc., Mike Volpi brings a distinctive set of skills to his current position.

As a Partner at Index Ventures, Mike Volpi contributes to later-stage growth funds, offering his expertise in selling products to scale and managing multibillion-dollar businesses. Mike Volpi also handles some of the firm’s early-stage funds. Presiding on company boards including Cloud.com, Inc. and Sonos, Inc.,

Mike Volpi’s employment prior to Index Ventures included a position as Chief Executive Officer of Joost, where he oversaw day-to-day operations of the digital media publisher. Mike Volpi also spent more than a decade working for Cisco Systems, Inc., first as Chief Strategy Officer and then as Senior Vice President and General Manager of its Routing and Service Provider Group. At Cisco, Mike Volpi ran the division of routing and access products, initiating advanced Internet projects and implementing improved corporate strategy. During Mike Volpi’s tenure, he was instrumental in developing investment strategies that helped Cisco acquire upwards of 70 companies.

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